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image from el dorado inc.
Something new, interesting, and modern may be on its way to Armory Square, and it's something much bigger than a piece of public art or a new store.  el dorado inc, based out of Kansas City, has been quietly working on a preliminary design for the empty [parking] lot to the west of the creekwalk, just south of the Warehouse.  Pioneer, the developer that just finished Washington Station a block to the north, had the foresight to recognize this incredibly prominent and important site on the western edge of downtown.  The convergence of their attention to the urban scale and commitment to downtown with the design skill of el dorado has exploded into a mixed-use building that has all the makings to bring great energy to this block.

image from el dorado inc.

According to a blog post on el dorado's website, the project will contain 5 floors of residential units perched above ground floor retail that wraps all four sides of the building, including the side that faces the creek.  The creekwalk currently draws a steady flow of recreational users, but this potential project is exactly what needs to happen next along this corridor -- it needs to be activated with spaces and uses that attract more people and cause them to linger.  Imagine sitting at a cafe table along the creek, sipping a coffee or munching on a sweet, watching the crowds stroll by.  Yes please.

site plan from el dorado inc.
I have to stress, though, that as exciting as the prospect of this great new building is, it is still in the planning stages -- it could be some time before it comes to fruition, if at all.  And I have to point out, this is everything that a good development should have in order to extend the energy of Armory Square outward and into the city at large [unlike the recent trend].  Here's hoping that this gets off the ground.

Check out el dorado's blog post for more pretty pictures.


  1. Interesting. That lot has long been an eyesore in the neighborhood, and this kind of development is the right idea (though it doesn't have a ton of aesthetic appeal).

    Building out that lot and reconnecting Walton with West Street would be a great thing for the neighborhood.

  2. Consider posting a link on the PA-CNY list serve or send it to me and I will.


  3. cool stuff.

    don't know if i'm really a fan of the design from the outside (kind of looks like swiss cheese), but those apartments look like they could have the potential to be really trendy and hip from the inside - which is something that downtown really doesn't have all too much of.

    what i like best is it puts some pedestrian emphasis on that small park between walton and west streets. that could be a nice piece of the puzzle in moving some of that armory square energy towards the near westside.

    i almost never ask this (and usually hate when people do) but was there any info about resident or store parking? i only ask because it looks like there's a lot of apartments there and it doesn't look like underground would be an option with onondaga creek being so close. is it possible it won't have any? (i'm ok if the answer is yes, there's no parking).

  4. Nice. It would be great to see something like this along the creek!

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