Sometimes, things happen in Syracuse that just don't make any sense - things that you wish someone had taken the time to think about before doing.  And sometimes these shortcomings need to be pointed out so that we can learn from them and make them right in the future. Or, maybe the idea is almost there, but needs a little positive reinforcement.  This section is a grouping of all these type posts.

[urban waterfront | a reaction] - proposals were unveiled for the city's inner harbor:  I quickly review them and react.

[containing armory square] - new construction around armory square is doing wonders to increase the density of the area, but inactive ground floor spaces aren't allowing the vibrancy of the square to spread.

[dying square] - armory square's central space has been left in a sorry state for weeks, leaving a negative impression on the passer-by

[street level | public realm] - this should be common sense -- retail belongs on the ground floor of a building, but a new building didn't get that right

[attitude adjustment] - everyone complains about how much they hate various aspects of living in Syracuse, but transplants to the region feel very differently than the locals