Syracuse is full of potential, with many ideas abound, whether they be fantastic, mediocre, or terrible.  This section is a collection of ideas I've devised to improve the city.  I'll leave the determination of quality up to you.

[re-activate the perimeter] introducing storefronts into the emptying Post Standard building allowing the north side of Clinton Square to be reactivated.

[creekwalk | engaging esplanade] adding more engaging elements to the creekwalk, like NYC's East River Esplanade, will improve the experience for residents and users.
[creekwalk | beautiful sewage] how to dress up the creek-side of the sewage treatment plant while acting as a national model for biofiltration.

[creekwalk | hiawatha crossing] an immediate, simple solution for what is perhaps the worst moment along the creekwalk.

[IKEA syracuse] contrary to popular belief, the market does exist for a syracuse IKEA to exist.

[co-operative hope] a co-operative housing model has already proven successful on West Onondaga Street; perhaps it could be replicated in some nearby buildings?

[recreational parkway] the low-tech, low-cost solution to vehicle-bridge collisions on Onondaga Lake Parkway.

[a forgotten southside icon] a precedent for our long-neglected Sears Building.

[arterie syracuse] the actual manifestation of the street mural that pays tribute to the former erie canal.

[a canal reborn] a large-scale street mural celebrating the erie canal, a project that is now in motion.

[neighborhood iconography] a look at the prints that I've completed thus far in my neighborhood series.

[urban reconnect] a lofty proposal to introduce usable space under, around, and over the downtown interstate highway interchange.

[syracuse streetcar route] the proposed route for the Salina Streetcar line, traveling the entire length of the city from north to south

[bridging boundaries] closing the gap between the armory and the near westside

[fill the square footage] how to fill the massive empty gray box near Onondaga Lake

[syracuse streetcar] - Salina Street has some of the greatest untapped potential in the city; a street-car may be one way in which to begin to infuse energy into the street and buildings along it

[neighborhood identity] - a graphic project that aims to increase visibility and pride in our neighborhoods

[rethink west street] - thoughts and ideas about the over-sized West Street arterial and an adjacent underutilized property

[mysteriously vacated] - a look at the predominately-vacant Loew's building storefronts, and a suggestion for the interim